The US mid-term elections are on Tuesday, November 8, 2022!
Your voice matters.
Just because it’s a mid-term election doesn’t mean the stakes aren’t high. Mid-term elections have just as much of an impact as presidential elections. Don’t let your vote go to waste.
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What’s at stake.

The Democrats currently have a narrow majority due to the Democratic Vice President, Kamala Harris, acting as an official tie-breaker. In other words, this mid-term election will decide which party controls things moving forward.

Learn how voting works in your state.

Every state is different. The map below provides state-specific voting information for certain states. We’re actively working on gathering more information for other states for future elections.

Why is my state missing?

Our team is actively working to understand each state's laws and voting procedures to give you the best overview possible. We'll have your state up once we can read all the fine print. Stay tuned!